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[Vol.24 No.2] Sewon JOO, Innwoo PARK (2023) Investigating Teachers’ Perception of the Educational Resource Sharing System in Korea: A Qualitative Research
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  • 2023-10-31 01:25:09

The aim of this research is to understand the perceptions of primary and secondary teachers regarding educational resource sharing systems(ERS) by using a qualitative approach. This study conducted Focus Group Interview(FGI) with 20 primary and secondary school teachers. Interview data were analyzed through inductive content analysis method. The results are as follows. First, teachers placed significant emphasis on high-quality, convenient functions, and reward system for sharing resources. Specifically, teachers identified the necessity for a diverse array of materials, systematic categorization of these resources, and the provision of monetary compensation as essential components. Second, the study participants advocated strategies for revitalizing ERS including enhancing accessibility, constructing user-friendly features, increasing awareness, and establishing a reward system to incentivize the resource sharing. In particular, teachers proposed strategies such as developing mobile-based services and AI-driven data recommendation system. These results provide actionable insights for stakeholders engaged in the design, implementation, and evaluation of resource sharing platforms.


Keywords : Educational resources, Educational resource sharing system, Focus group interview 

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이전글 [Vol.24 No.1] Jinsol KIM, Jeongmin LEE (2023) Overcoming the Hurdles of Transition: Middle School Students’ Engagement in Distance Instruction During the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Korea
다음글 [Vol.24 No.2] Mingyeong JANG, Hyeon Woo LEE (2023) Pre-service Teachers' Education Needs for AI- Based Education Competency
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