Dear KSET members, friends, and supporters

It is a great honour and privilege for me to assume the role of the 16th President of the Korean Society for Educational Technology.

The KSET has been playing a critical role in developing theoretical and practical excellence in Korea's educational community since the Society came into existence in 1985. By the increasing capacity of organization and individual members, we have come to expand our research activities and networks into the global society. I will have to make our competencies more visible in the international community.

As a professional society, the leadership, vision, and dedication of the past KSET presidents and board members have made things different! I would like to recognize all of them. I will work hard to follow the same track. There are several goals I focus on during my term as president.

I want to ensure that the KSET will continue to provide the best service for its members. For part of it, we just opened the new KSET homepage. We had experienced big problems due to accumulated structural problems within the old system for last several years. I hope we can reach out more easily to the members and non-members through the new homepage service.

Membership seems one of the biggest challenges facing our society. I have put a strong focus on reaching to new members during the first half of this year after taking the office. As a result, we have already recruited almost twice new members than last year. I will keep working hard to maintain new members.

We have operated new funding projects that support the groups of members who intend to research challenging topics. In addition, we became to provide an educational program for young members to develop their research methodology skills and will continue this program regularly.

I am still thinking about what will be the happiest academic community in which all the members want to come, stay, and dialogue. I will be my best to contribute to the KSET during my tenure as a president.

Counting on your support I would like to express my sincere thanks.

Best Wishes,

In Sook Lee, Ph.D.
President, KSET

August 13. 2013